Recording Specials!!

We are currently offering a band “demo” package that includes mixing for $300.00. For the last few years our focus has been working with solo artists but we are hoping to see more bands coming through the doors at AME. With this special we hope to promote new bands getting into the industry. $300 provides bands with 10 hours of studio time with producer Andrew Horrocks and mixing time.


 The hourly rate at A.M.E. is $40.00/hr. This price is the same for tracking and mixing and includes Andrew Horrocks as a Producer, co-producer or Engineer. Full album, EP and single project packages are available upon request. Typically, a song that is fully produced, mixed, and mastered costs between $500 – $1000 per song. Most projects can be paid for with 4 equal payments starting with a 25% deposit at the onset of the project. The four equal payments are spread out equally through the duration of the project.  


Mastering is priced at $75.00 per song. Mastering a 10 to 12 song CD is priced as a package for $750.00. Additional songs affect the price accordingly. Mastering includes a CD-R that is used for the final master. As well, as 2 back-up CD-Rs. Payment for Mastering is 50% up front and 50% due upon completion of the project. GST is extra on all projects