Recording Philosophy

Andrew’s Personal Recording Philosophy:


“I believe in doing work that somehow helps an artist get to that next level of artistic growth. My experience is that every Artist is unique and that each one has a different set of needs in the recording situation.

Some people are more confident than others. Some people respond differently to encouragement than others. Some people can sing in tune and with incredible emotion on the first take. For others, it’s take number 12. Basically it all gets down to communication and feeling comfortable with the person who is helping you put your heart and soul on tape. Ultimately, I think that it’s the job of the Engineer or Producer to recognize and help bring out the best qualities of the performer.


The wonderful world of recording is a complex thing. That’s what makes it so wonderful. There really are no rules. Like songwriting, the rules of recording were made to be broken (or at least some of them- this is the technical side of me speaking now!). You can never learn everything about it because it is constantly changing.


Finally, I have learned something new with every project that I have worked on, and count it as a privilege to be involved with the creative expression of others.”




Andrew Horrocks


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