Shae-Lynn August – Saved (POP)

Artist: Shae-Lynn August                    

Song: Saved

Album: Send Me

Year: 2015

Description: I’m super proud of this tune! It really turned out just like Shae-Lynn and I hoped it would. It has had a lot of airplay and is a good solid pop tune that combines some cool programming and real instruments!

Shae-Lynn August – Saved

Shae-Lynn August feat. Chris Bray – Great Are You Lord (ACOUSTIC WORSHIP)

Artist: Shae-Lynn August feat. Chris Bray                                            

Song: Great Are You Lord

Album: Send Me

Year: 2015

Description: We were looking for a simple, inexpensive way to complete Shae-Lynn’s EP and she fell in love with this awesome tune! I suggested to Shae-Lynn that we get Chris Bray to sing on the song and he killed it! The song works really well as a male-female duet just like it did for “All Sons and Daughters”!

Shae-Lynn August feat. Chris Bray – Great Are You Lord

Taylor Maloche – Jesus Is The Praise (POP)

Artist: Taylor Maloche                                                                                          

Song: Jesus Is The Praise

Album: Little Feelings

Year: 2015

Description: This song was a lot of work and a lot of fun to make. Taylor Maloche and myself wrote this tune for Kitchener’s Faith-FM Shining Star contest so we had to create something that Radio would play. Thanks to Patrick Shay for helping with some of the programming.

Taylor Maloche – Jesus Is The Praise

Grand Format – Heavy Dreams (INDIE ROCK)

Artist: Grand Format                                                                                 

Song: Heavy Dreams


Year: 2014

Description: AJ Coghill is a friend of mine that does some session drumming for me here at AME.  AJ is also the drummer for the band “Grand Format”. With this project, I recorded the drums here at AME and then AJ recorded the rest of the song at home. After he finished tracking the he had me mix it !
When doing more “Home Based” recordings, it’s often smart to least have it professionally mixed. It’s also great to have the drums and vocals recorded properly as well —–just sayin’!

Grand Format – Heavy Dreams

Mags – Let It Snow (JAZZ)

Artist: Mags

Song: Let it Snow

Album: Dreaming of Christmas

Year: 2010

Description: I’ve been wanting to do a Christmas album for the past 10 years and finally got to do a Jazzy Christmas EP with Mags this past Christmas. Mags was only 15 at the time but sang like a 35 year old pro ! She has such great melodic instincts not to mention great pitch and timing. It was so much fun to make this CD.

Let it Snow-Mags

Mags – I’ve Got You Under My Skin “Live” (JAZZ)

Artist: Mags                                                                                                 

Song: I’ve Got You Under My Skin “Live”

Album: When I Fall In Love

Year: 2014

Description: This song is one of my favourite songs of all time, and besides that, I’m a sucker for a good Bossa Nova. Once again we opened up the first floor of our home and Maggie wowed all of us with her skills and charm. I was doing double duty: Producing and playing in the band, full of some of my best friends and some of the best musicians I know. This was a definite musical highlight for me in 2014.

Mags – I’ve Got You Under My Skin “Live”

Ali Matthews – I Saw Jesus (ROOTS-POP)

Artist: Ali Matthews                                            

Song: I Saw Jesus


Year: 2013

Description: Ali had just come home from a Compassion sponsored trip from Equador and as she drove home from the airport , she wrote this song. When I heard it I immediately knew how to approach recording it and it was a blast to include all of her trip mates on the song. Joel, Marcel, Dan, Matt and Kevin were amazing. What a fun day we had together on Background vocal day! The song went on to win a bunch of awards and it was a highlight for me in 2013.

Ali Matthews – I saw Jesus

Guardian-Dana Marie (POP-ROCK)

Artist: Dana Marie                                                                                                 

Song: Guardian

Album: What You See

Year: 2014

Description: Dana and I are big Ben Cantelon fans and Dana had been doing this song live for quite a while. It was so fun to record in the Studio and she sang it so well! I’ve heard this song on the Radio A LOT!

Dana Marie – Guardian

Chris Bray – Pursue Me (WORSHIP BALLAD)


Artist: Chris Bray

Song: Pursue Me

Album: Let Hope Arise

Year: 2011

Description: When Chris played the original demo of this song for me, I just loved it. There was such a deep emotion built into the composition and Chris sang it beautifully. For the Studio version, my friend Rob Horvath did a beautiful job with Piano and strings. Then Chris had an idea to make it into a duet. We were able to get Marie Miller from Nashville to sing and she did wonderfully.

Pursue Me-Chris Bray

Marquelle Piers – Everyday (WORSHIP)

Artist: Marquelle Piers                                                                                                          

Song: Everyday

Album: Evangeline Inman Presents Cornerstone Worship

Year: 2015

Description: This past year I had the privilege of working on a collection of Worship tunes for Evangeline Iman and her merry band of worshippers (Stephanie Israelson, Naomi Knoll and Marquelle Piers)! I mixed the track and recorded all the Lead and BG vocals. The amazing Steve Dady tracked the band at his studio in Nashville and used some of the best studio musicians on the planet including Dave Cleveland on Guitar and Steve Brewster on drums…..whoa!! The Track was Mastered in Ireland by the brilliant Aidan Foley.

Everyday – Marquelle Piers

Chris Bray – Go “Live” (WORSHIP)

Artist: Chris Bray                                                   

Song: Go “Live”

Album: The Praises Of His People

Year: 2015

Description: Chris has always wanted to record a “Live” worship project. He is such a powerful worship leader so this was a lot of fun to be a part of. We opened up the first floor of our home to Chris’ band and about 50 worshippers and captured a wonderful evening!

Chris Bray – Go “Live”

Ali Matthews – Lucinda’s House (FOLK)

Artist: Ali Matthews                                                                                                   

Song: Lucinda’s House

Album: Tell Me A Story

Year: 2013

Description: As Brian Doerksen said to the small gathering of up and coming songwriters and a (Brian-Ali) songwriting class at the David Festival in Port Perry last year——This why Ali is the teacher and You are the students

Ali Matthews – Lucinda’s House