We are currently offering a New Artist or New Band a recording package of $300.00. This provides the Artist or Band with 10 hours of studio time with producer Andrew Horrocks. If more time is needed past 10 hrs the rate continues at $30/hr


The hourly rate at A.M.E. is $40.00/hr. This price is the same for tracking and mixing and includes Andrew Horrocks as a Producer, co-producer or Engineer. Full album, EP and single project packages are available upon request. Typically, a song that is fully produced, mixed, and mastered costs between $850 – $1000 per song. Songs that are largely acoustic in nature (Piano-Vocal, Acoustic-Vocal, Piano-Acoustic-Vocal) cost between $250 – $500. Adding a String arrangement adds another $150. Most projects can be paid for with 4 equal payments starting with a 25% deposit at the onset of the project. The four equal payments are spread out equally through the agreed duration of the project.


Mastering is priced at $75.00 per song. Mastering a 10 to 12 song CD is priced as a package for $750.00. Additional songs affect the price accordingly. Payment for Mastering is 50% up front and 50% due upon completion of the project.

GST is extra on all projects