Recording and Producing your CD

Most of the time we work with artists (bands or singer-songwriters) from the ground up.
Starting with song arranging or even co-writing if needed right through to pre-production producing , mixing and mastering.
Basically we can help you take your initial musical ideas and turn them into a professionally produced CD.
Every project looks a little different and we are able to meet any special needs you might have.
Check out our “Rates Page” for cost information and special deals!

If you’d prefer to have your project mastered somewhere else, that is no problem. We work with some amazing mastering engineers!



We love to mix !!!
A professional mix can make all the difference with your CD or Radio Single. We gladly fix timing issues and tuning issues and can turn amateur recordings or demos into pro sounding tracks.
We use the latest plug-ins by Universal Audio, Waves, Antares and PSP to craft Award winning mixes.

The average price to mix a regular pop song is $250



Mastering is an often misunderstood process that essentially makes your “mix” sound like a “finished CD”. Mastering is the final stage in the process that adds cohesion,  power, tightness, definition and volume to your tracks through the proper use of EQ, Compression and Limiting processing.

Our basic price for mastering us $75 a song but is often included in the price of a larger production.


Live Recording

We love to do live recordings.
This past year we have recorded 3 live albums. Chris Brays “The Praises Of His People” ,  Maggie Wangs “When I Fall  In Love” jazz album and Heritage College’s Travel Teams Live Worship Project.

If you need us to come to your Church or a to Concert Hall somewhere, we can capture your live performance.
We can edit, mix and master your concert and turn your performance into a Live CD or we can provide you with the raw tracks so you can continue to work on the project yourself.
A lot of “Live” recording are extensively repaired in the studio and we have the experience to help you do whatever you need to do produce a great “Live” recording.

Please contact us for pricing information.


Recording over the Internet!!

Do you need world class drum tracks, bass tracks, guitar tracks or keyboard tracks?
Do you live in Wyoming or British Columbia ?
If you send us a stereo .wav file (or individual tracks) of your song in progress, along with tempo and chart information, we can record 3 or 4 takes for you to work with on your end.
We have access to many world class musicians in every genre.
Prices may vary slightly depending on the project but we can give you 3 or 4 professional drum takes that you can work with for around $150 per song. We use only high quality mics and pre-amps as discussed on the gear page.

Also, check out some of the amazing session musicians that we work with on our “Players” page.


Seminars, training days and workshops

Would you like someone to come in to your church and help solve problems that often plague worship teams and sound teams EVERYWHERE !
Our goals are to encourage unity. Help re-focus why team members are actually there and solve technical and logistical problems that are so common in almost every church.
We have experience in all aspects of the process and are currently involved with leading worship on a regular basis ourselves.
It’s important for everyone to have a voice and we make a point to explore how everyone if feeling as part of the team.

We spend the day with both the sound and worship teams and lead discussions as well as practical hands on demonstrations that involve the teams.
We typically split the day into a morning session and an afternoon session.
The end game is to change thinking and change hearts that sets a new course for each worship team for years to come.

The cost of the day starts at $500.