Andy Horrocks has been one of my favorite engineers to work with. He's a great guitar player, and vocalist, with a good ear for production, I'd recommend Andy and A.M.E. studios to anyone.

Trevor McNevan

Thousand Foot Krutch/FM Static

Having recently completed my second CD with Andrew at AME, I once again am amazed the creative genius I see at work there. With the desire to see the artists goals achieved and a great attention to detail, AME is a superb choice for those who desire to make a quality record.

Jody Cross


I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Andy on my last 2 recordings. Andy has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the current music industry here in Canada. Always full of fresh ideas and pushing me to be a better artist & songwriter, I'm sure my music career wouldn't have taken this amazing path without my experience at AME Recording Studio and the professional input that Andy has given me. I definitely encourage anyone looking for a professional recording and producer to work with, whether for radio quality or making music for your own enjoyment AME is my recommendation.

Stephanie Israelson

Andrew Horrocks has been a mentor to Critical Mass as well as my daughter, Mags. He is not only one of the best producers in Canada, he also brings added value in helping artists craft their songs with constructive advice and suggestions. It is this attention to detail and perfection that sets AME studios head and shoulders above the competition.

Dave Wang

Critical Mass

I wanted to take my music to the next level and decided to work with Andrew Horrocks. My expereince with Andy was amazing and the end result was radio airplay for multiple hit singles accross Canada and into the USA. Andy is one of the most successfull producers in Canada and is known for bringing out the best in artists who are striving for excellence!

Scott Towaij


My experience working with Andy at AME has been awesome. Not only is he easy to work with, he's a heck of a lot of fun and made me feel at home from the very beginning. He has a great ear, plays a wicked guitar, and most of all he helped me become more honest in my songwriting. Andy cares about the artist, not just the art, and is as trustworthy as they come in the industry. Whether you're a pro or looking to record your first album, I highly recommend AME to anyone.

Jake Bertrand


Andrew Horrocks is the poster child of professionalism. He puts his heart and soul into every project and that's being recognized with his recent success at the GMAs. I would gladly refer Andy to anyone who is serious about their music. I had an absolutely incredible experience and would be back in the studio with him in a second if the opportunity arose.

Levi Denbok

Andy is amazingly professional in what he does, his character and wit make him a pleasure to work with. Creative ideas seem to flow from him, and his "ear for tuning" is second to none. Because Andy is flexible with his hours, our members were able to record everything without missing valuable work or school time. Our first recording experience was extremely interactive, and entertaining to say the least, we learned more in a week than we ever could have in a year with out him. As far as I am concerned, Andy is the best in the field, hands down and ears up.

Jordan Embury

The Risen

Andy understood the vision I had for my music. The quality and attention to detail given to both my projects were awesome. I completely trusted Andy's instincts; I felt comfortable and confident to give my best performance. The end product far exceeded anything I could have imagined.

Nancy Beaudette


Last year we had the opportunity to work and record our first album with Andrew Horrocks at AME studios. From the time we went in to meet Andy, to the night we were done mixing our last song, Andy really made us feel welcome and a part of his life. The 3-4 months that we were in the studio were great times to get the project done, and at the same time get to know another brother in Christ. Andy's heart is what impressed me the most. His willingness to help out new Christian bands with great in-studio rates (smile), and also his patience is what sold us on him and his studio. Throughout the time recording with Andy, he gave lot's of ideas to help us get the sounds we wanted, but at the same time, never forced them on us. At the end of our sessions, we were totally happy with the finished product. He did a great job capturing "Zacc's Tree" and what we are about. We look forward to doing another project with him in the near future.

Jamie Aplan, Guitarist/Producer

Thousand Foot Krutch

Artists in Canada would be extremely hard pressed to find a studio that provides the wealth of experience and insight that Andrew provides at such value. Having recorded both of our award winning CDs at AME, I am convinced that Andrew provides a unique blend of technical skill and musical competence. He relates so well with others on a personal and professional level, that one can not help but actively seek to associate themselves with him. He has exceeded our expectations and is a pleasure to work with.

Scott Bannerman

Lost Coin

Andy Horrocks is a master at partnering with artists to help them realize their musical vision. As a fellow musician he gets it, and as a producer/engineer he is extremely skilled at making it happen. And all that on a budget.

Peter Goodyear

Kevin Coghill & Skylight Sessions

I couldn't be happier that my first professional recording experience was at AME Studio! Intimidated as I was at the beginning - afraid of tripping and breaking something - it didn't take long to feel at home and comfortable with Andy. His totally creative idea's for my songs got me pumped right from the beginning. His knowledge of arranging, recording, mixing and mastering gave me all the faith and confidence in him. Not only did he contribute countless awesome ideas to the album but he was also very receptive to what I had to say and to how I wanted things to sound. The end result rocks and has totally exceeded my expectations! THANKS ANDY!!!!!!!!!

Katie Workman

Andy, I just wanted to thank you again for making our session so enjoyable and productive. It's always nice to have some outside influence on these kind of projects. Both Nick and myself really appreciated your ideas and insights. We've both worked with some hellish "producers" so we really can appreciate and respect someone who knows how to work "with" a band and their ideas as well as adding something to that.

David Rosenburg

The Leah Zicari Band

I fully enjoyed my recording experience at A.M.E. Studios. Andy has an amazing ear and an incredible gift of putting you at ease while getting the best out of you. I was surprised at the amount of growth that I gained as an artist during the recording process, and the finished product blew me away.

Kevin Coghill


Working with Andy Horrocks is an incredible experience. Andy is a very understanding and creative producer who possesses a great ability to share in the artist's vision. Andy has been able to capture the vision for my songs and continues to astound me with his gifted ear. Andy is not only a talented musician and engineer, but he is a very humble and caring man. As a vocalist himself, Andy is a wonderful vocal coach and works hard at bringing the best out of a singer and capturing the emotion, the spirit, of the words. Whether working with young bands, seasoned songwriters, solo artists or large groups, Andy is able to bring out the best in people and their music. I always look forward to recording with Andy at AME. The jokes are silly, the sound is great and the final product is what I had always hoped for.

Matt Devine

I have collaborated with Andy throughout my professional career, so I have been spoiled by the guarantee that anything he works on is going to turn out great. I have seen him take mediocre projects and make them wonderful and transcendent. To me, it all comes down to ears, self-discipline, and his desire to make every project its best. With small studios popping up everywhere, it can be difficult to find someone who not only has good gear, but knows more than a little bit about making it sound great, not to mention fantastic musical abilities as well. Andy has all of these gifts, and uses them to make world class recordings that stand up to anything in the industry, and that's money in the bank for any artist.

Ian Tanner

Songwriter/Producer (Former member of One Hundred Days)

It was a pleasure to work with such a talented engineer and producer. Andy has helped us to develop as a band and as musicians. His guidance from start to finish of our project was both insightful and very professional. His theory of "go big or go home" helps bands accomplish what they want their CD to sound like and not just to be satisfied with it! All in all, I and the rest of the guys would say that working with Andy and AME studios was our BEST recording experience!

Jamie Nelson


Working with Andy at AME has helped me grow me as a writer, the band as musicians, and moreover, has enabled us to share the message we have with those we meet. Andy is one of the easiest guys to work with, and yet he is continually pushing the envelope with new ideas. Plus his couches are comfy.

Matt Maw


Andy is a consummate professional!! Working with him was stress free and fun. Being a guitar player, Andy had a real understanding of what sound we were looking for with this project. We used some very nice vintage gear and were looking for a final sound that did the instruments justice. Andy was sincerely interested in getting this right and we couldn't be happier with the end result!!

Glenn Murch

Andy makes the recording process enjoyable and stress-free He makes newer artists feel comfortable in the studio and encourages the most seasoned musicians to challenge themselves and try new things. I had a great experience recording my first album with Andy. From laying down the beginning tracks to putting out the final product, the entire process was an enjoyable learning experience." Also, his new studio is beautifully designed with the latest recording technology and comforts of home wrapped up into one.

Nancy Bodsworth

I have wanted to work with Andy Horrocks for a long time and was delighted to finally have that opportunity with my sixth CD project, “Carry Me Home”. I came to Andy with a lot of stress and a tight deadline. He immediately put me at ease with his gentle, positive spirit of encouragement. Then I watched as he set to work, doing what he does best. Andy is a hard-working, multi-talented musician, producer and engineer with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He strives for excellence and knows how to achieve it.

What impressed me most was Andy’s gift of production. As a singer-songwriter, I would present my songs to him in the simplest form - a voice and basic acoustic guitar part. He immediately knew how to best develop a full production, always considering my over-all vision as an artist. He has access to some of Canada’s finest session musicians and gets the job done - within budget and to an exceptionally high standard of excellence.

Not only is Andy a man of great integrity, humour and warmth, he really is a profoundly gifted professional. Now I know why everyone wants to work with this guy. He’s the real deal.

Ali Matthews

Singer-songwriter (Winner of 10 GMA Covenant Awards)

Working with Andy was the best decision ever for my career.He helped me win my first GMA award and land a US record deal with distribution through Provident Integrity.Andy is a awesome producer,engineer and good friend.

Sean Spicer


Working with Andy has been such an incredible experience! Not only is Andy an incredible producer in the quality of his work, but he also provides constructive guidance in my development as an artist and musician! Thank you Andy!

Maggie Wang


Working with Andrew is truly a rewarding experience. Andrew's insights into the recording process and songwriting is complemented by his attention to the creative ideas and values of the artist; offering suggestions but also listening to what the artist wants. The combinations of these ideals left me extremely satisfied with the finished product and has motivated me to work with Andrew on my next project.

Andrew Ste. Ann


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